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Dashboard Setup

The Web3Auth dashboard summarizes various aspects of Web3Auth, including information about projects, verifiers, billings, and profile setup. Using this dashboard lets users get an overview of their Web3Auth-related activities and can easily collaborate with others to build better applications. Since collaboration is essential for creating successful apps, the Web3Auth dashboard helps users work together more effectively.

Getting Started

To begin using the Web3Auth dashboard, log in using one of your social accounts or use your email address. Please be aware that the login process utilizes the Web3Auth infrastructure with a customized user interface to generate a wallet for you.

Dashboard Login Page

If you are a new user, you will be asked to create a new organization and profile. You can create multiple organizations after initial login to manage your projects and billing.

Dashboard Create Profile
Dashboard Create Organization


Once you've successfully logged in, you will see a screen that looks like the below image:

Dashboard Home

At a glance you can find the following on the home page:


  • Creating a new Web3Auth project.
  • Take a Quiz to find out which Web3Auth project is best for you.
  • Relevant links to Plug & Play SDKs and Core Kit SDKs.
  • Link to Community Support and Troubleshooting.

Left navbar

  • Workspace ( Default Organization ) with plan name.
    • Choose your Organization on the dropdown.
  • Home (Overview)
  • Projects - List of all the projects you have created.
  • Archive - List of all the archived projects.
  • Settings - Settings related to your profile.
  • Billing - Billing related information.
  • List of all the projects you have created.
  • Documentation link
  • Status page link

Top-right navbar

  • A button to upgrade your plan if you are on the base plan.

  • A notification icon to view all the notifications.

  • A question mark icon to view the help center.

    Dashboard Home Info
    • Community Forum link
    • Getting Started link
    • Give Feedback using the feedback form link
    • Schedule a demo call link
  • A user icon to view your profile settings, open wallet and log out button.

Dashboard Home Profile Info
Dashboard Profile Settings


Welcome to the Project section of your dashboard. Here, you can easily create new projects and view all of the projects that you have previously created.

Dashboard Plug n Play Projects


Welcome to the Archive section of your dashboard. Here, you can easily access all of your archived projects.

Dashboard Plug n Play Projects


Welcome to the Settings section of your dashboard. Here, you can update your organizational information, invite members with varying levels of access, and even delete your organization if needed.

Dashboard Settings
Dashboard Settings


Welcome to the Billing section of your dashboard. Here, you can easily access and view all your billing details, attach a card to your account, and view your invoices.

Dashboard Billing Teams
Dashboard Billing Teams Choice of Plans
Dashboard Billing Teams Choice of Plans

Migration of Verifiers

Users can now attach old verifiers to projects with a one-time process from the verifier tab in our new dashboard.

Migrate Verifiers to a Project.

To move the verifiers to a project, follow the steps below:

  1. Click on the three dots located on the verifier that you want to move.
  2. Select "Move to project".
  3. Choose the project(s) where you want to move the verifier.
Verifier to Migrate.
Verifier after Migrating to a project.

In case the "Move to project" button is disabled, it means the verifier needs to be moved to a new project with the same environment as the verifier and you may not have it. So please try creating a project with the same environment as the verifier and then try moving the verifier to that project.

Verifier with no projects.

Once the verifier is moved, you will see the projects it has been moved into under the "Projects" column. As far as you see a project logo/name under the "Projects" column, it means the verifier has been moved to that project and no further action is required. But if a verifer does not have any project under the "Projects" column, it means the verifier has not been moved to any project and you need to move it to a project. Else it will be deleted from the dashboard after October 31st, 2023.

Verifier Project List

Finally, remember that you can attach the same verifier to multiple projects if needed.