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Account Abstraction

Account Abstraction (AA) revolutionizes Web3 authentication by integrating externally owned accounts (EOAs) and smart contracts, offering a more seamless and secure way for decentralized applications (dApps) to interact with users. These AA-powered smart contract wallets have multiple benefits:

  • Ecosystem Evolution Driven by the ERC-4337 proposal, AA aims for its adoption across the Ethereum network, striving for universal account abstraction.
  • Decentralized Integrity: Maintains decentralization and censorship resistance, core principles of blockchain technology, through the application of AA.
  • Gas Fee Sponsorship: Offers the ability for users to perform gasless transactions, with fees sponsored by the dApp developers, reducing the barrier to entry for users.
  • Sophisticated Recovery and Transfer Options: Smart contract-based wallets can implement complex recovery methods and ownership transfer mechanisms, offering enhanced security and flexibility.

Understanding EOAs & Smart Contract Wallets

EOA, or an externally-owned account is a type of Ethereum account that is controlled by a private key. EOAs can be created through Web3Auth-powered social logins, or by using external wallets such as MetaMask, Coinbase Wallet, Rainbow Wallet, etc.

On the other hand, there are contract accounts that are controlled by smart contract codes and do not have their own private key. Safe's smart wallet is a contract account that has

enhanced capabilities, such as gas sponsorship and batched transactions.

Since contract accounts do not have their own private key, they require a signer to initiate transaction flows and produce signatures. Signers are usually EOAs that authorize actions taken by the contract account via a signature.

Web3Auth's approach to Account Abstraction

Web3Auth leverages the combination of Multi-Party Computation based social login EOAs with AA-based smart contract wallet accounts. By incorporating MPC, AA's security and functionality are significantly enhanced. MPC distributes the validation process across multiple entities, ensuring no single party can dominate transaction processes, thus bolstering security while maintaining user-friendliness. This results in:

  • Enhanced Recoverability and UX: Utilizes social login-based MPC EOAs to offer superior recoverability and a streamlined user experience, negating the need for external wallet management.
  • Simplified Access and Management: Facilitates easier account access and management through social logins and advanced recovery mechanisms, promoting broader Web3 adoption.

Using Account Abstraction with Web3Auth

Web3Auth's AA integration is designed to be developer-friendly, offering a range of tools and resources to simplify the process. All the major Account Abstraction providers have integrated Web3Auth into their login stacks, enhancing the accessibility and security of their platforms. Web3Auth is proud to be a part of this transformative movement, working closely with leading AA providers to ensure a seamless, secure login experience. Below are highlights from a few of these collaborations:

SafeAuth Kit

The SafeAuth Kit, designed in collaboration with Safe, offers a transformative approach to integrating smart wallets with your application, ensuring compatibility with ERC-4337 and leveraging the principles of Account Abstraction. This innovative solution utilizes Web3Auth's MPC-powered accounts as the signer for these smart wallets, facilitating a smooth onboarding and recovery process. By doing so, it not only simplifies the user experience by streamlining their interaction with the blockchain but also enhances security and user autonomy.

With extensive assets under its management, Safe promises robust Smart Account Infrastructure Safe champions open contract standards for the digital ownership of assets, data, and identity. Their modular Smart Account framework encourages developers to innovate diverse applications and wallets. The Safe{Core} AA SDK offers kits to simplify smart contract account operations, complete with guides on integration.


Web3Auth + Safe AA Kit

The complete toolkit to build your own Account Abstraction wallet powered by Web3Auth MPC and Safe{Core} AA Kit

Alchemy Account Kit

The Alchemy Account Kit is a comprehensive solution designed to seamlessly integrate account abstraction into your Web3 application. Account Kit equips developers with a suite of tools to implement smart accounts, offering enhanced functionalities like social login, gas sponsorship, and batched transactions. With just a few lines of code, you can deploy smart accounts and streamline user operations in your app.

Account Kit includes five components:

  • aa-sdk: A simple, powerful interface to integrate, deploy, and use smart accounts. The aa-sdk orchestrates everything under the hood to make development easy.
  • Modular Account: Secure, audited, modular smart accounts. It is easy to deploy when your users need them and extend with EIP-6900 plugins.
  • Signer: Integrations with the most popular wallet providers. Secure your accounts with email, social login, passkeys, or a self-custodial wallet Signer.
  • Gas Manager API: A programmable API to sponsor gas for UserOps that meets your criteria.
  • Bundler API: The most reliable ERC-4337 Bundler. Land your UserOps on-chain, batch operations, and sponsor gas at a massive scale.

Check out Alchemy Account Kit Documentation

Biconomy SDK

A pioneer in leveraging EIP4337 and gas abstraction, the Biconomy SDK is built firmly on the ERC4337 solution, offering a full spectrum of tools tailored for dApps. It enhances the dApp user experience in a non-custodial manner. Key features include:

  • Seamless user onboarding with social login, account setup & recovery.
  • An in-dApp fiat gateway for buying/selling crypto.
  • Gasless transactions, allowing dApps to cover gas fees.
  • Paying gas fees using ERC20 tokens.
  • Custom transaction bundling to streamline multiple operations.

Check out Biconomy documentation


Specifically crafted for game developers and NFT enthusiasts, Keyp offers tools to enhance the web3 onboarding experience. They envision a world where users hold control over their digital assets.


Check out Keyp documentation


ZeroDev focuses on offering the most straightforward developer experience for AA, supported by a robust smart wallet framework. It facilitates easy smart wallet creation, provides essential smart wallet features, and allows for customized extensions using a plugin framework. Whether you're creating a wallet or a DApp, ZeroDev promises to elevate the Web3 user experience.


Check out ZeroDev documentation


Committed to delivering the finest user experiences with gas abstraction, Gelato acts as web3's decentralized backbone. It offers a host of services:

  • Web3 functions connecting smart contracts to off-chain data.
  • Reliable automated smart contract transactions.
  • Gasless transaction relays via an intuitive API.
  • A Gasless Wallet SDK in collaboration with Safe's Smart Contract Wallet.