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Web3Auth is Chain Agnostic

Web3Auth's architecture is designed to be inherently blockchain agnostic, providing seamless integration across a diverse range of blockchain ecosystems. This flexibility is a core component of Web3Auth's approach to decentralized authentication, ensuring broad applicability and interoperability.


Check out our Connect Blockchain Reference for more details on how to connect different blockchains with Web3Auth.

Key Curve Support and Blockchain Compatibility

By default, Web3Auth supports the secp256k1 and ed25519 key curves, which are widely used across the majority of blockchain platforms. This inclusion ensures compatibility with a vast array of blockchain environments right out of the box.

Extending Beyond Default Curves

While these curves cater to most blockchain requirements, Web3Auth recognizes the unique needs of various blockchains, some of which utilize different curve implementations. To accommodate these diverse ecosystems, Web3Auth's non-MPC (Shamir Secret Sharing based) products enable interaction with any blockchain, regardless of its specific curve requirements.

Dedicated Providers for MPC Products

For those utilizing Web3Auth's MPC products, dedicated providers are necessary to ensure optimal interaction with specific blockchains. Currently, Web3Auth MPC products offer support for EVM-compatible chains and Bitcoin, with development underway to include Solana. This approach guarantees that Web3Auth remains at the forefront of blockchain authentication, offering versatile and secure solutions for a wide array of blockchain technologies.

Utilizing Private Keys with Non-MPC Products

In the realm of non-MPC products, Web3Auth offers the capability to export the user's private key. This feature allows decentralized applications (dApps) to directly interact with the blockchain using the exported key, facilitating a wide range of transactions and smart contract interactions.


For detailed information on integrating with various blockchains, refer to our Connect with Other Blockchains section.


Web3Auth's composability enhances its blockchain agnosticism. It seamlessly integrates with meta-transaction flows, multisigs, and various cryptographic protocols, making it a versatile foundation for building decentralized solutions. Web3Auth is compatible with numerous technology stacks, including scalability solutions, smart contract wallets, different elliptic curve pairs, and even RSA.

Reference Guides for Blockchain Connections

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