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Wallet Aggregation

Web3Auth's modular structure for its Plug and Play SDKs includes the capability for multiple external wallet connections within the modal, facilitating seamless onboarding for both crypto-native and non-crypto-native users. This feature underscores Web3Auth's dedication to supporting all required authentication flows through a simple integration process.

Key Features of Wallet Aggregation

Web3Auth's wallet aggregation is made possible through the use of adapters, which are essentially connectors allowing for direct communication between Web3Auth and various external wallet providers, such as MetaMask, WalletConnect, Coinbase, and more.


This feature is currently available for Web SDKs only. Mobile and Gaming SDK adapters are in development.

Integrate the wallet of your choice

Currently, Web3Auth supports the following wallets, please go to their respective SDK References to integrate them into your project:

Understanding Adapters

Adapters are essentially connectors between Web3Auth and the underlying wallet provider. For example, an adapter for connecting with the torus wallet is available under web3auth as @web3auth/torus-evm-adapter. Every adapter follows a common interface which is required by Web3Auth to communicate with the wallet.

An adapter emits certain events like CONNECTED, CONNECTING, and DISCONNECTED etc during the login lifecycle of a user. Each adapter exposes the provider on successful user login that can be used to invoke RPC calls on the wallet and connected blockchain.

Currently Available Wallet Adapters

By default, Web3Auth's modal UI supports a set of default adapters depending on the authMode being used. By default, Web3Auth requires basic configuration client_id, and registering a redirect if you are using a CustomAuth adapter from the dashboard.

The table below summarizes all the available adapters and their properties

AdapterAuthModeChainNamespaceDefaultPackage Name
openloginWALLET, DAPPEIP155,SOLANAYES@web3auth/openlogin-adapter

Extending Wallet Aggregation

In addition to Web3Auth's native adapters, developers can also leverage Web3Auth with other wallet aggregation libraries such as wagmi. This integration enables the use of Web3Auth within popular frameworks and products, enhancing the flexibility and reach of Web3Auth's authentication capabilities.

Integrating with Wagmi

Web3Auth's compatibility with wagmi, via the @web3auth/web3auth-wagmi-connector, allows for seamless integration of Web3Auth's features within wagmi's comprehensive React Hooks for Ethereum. This connector supports both modal and no-modal packages of Web3Auth, enabling integration within products like Rainbow Kit, Connect Kit, and Web3Modal.

By embracing wallet aggregation with Web3Auth, developers can offer their users a versatile and inclusive authentication experience, supporting a variety of wallets and enhancing the overall usability of Web3 applications.


For more information on integrating wagmi with Web3Auth, please refer to the Web3Auth Wagmi Connector SDK Reference.