Can i whitelist urls on

I'm setting up branch deploys for a client side only application and can't find a way to get wildcard subdomains working properly via the web3auth dashnboard.

I found this thread that suggests using manual origin whitelisting, however I can't use the secret in my client side only application.

Is there any way to add a wildcard subdomain via the web3auth dashboard?

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Check the discussion at:
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Hey @billyjacoby

The Wildcard subdomain via the web3auth dashboard is not supported.

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Would like to second the request to add wildcard subdomains. We need this for our dev deploy PRs, but with the current limitation, we have to manually add the whitelist domain for every PR.

I agree, it’s a much needed feature. We use vercel to deploy our next app on each PR and it’s cumbersome to have to add the exact generated URL each time in order to manually test our app. I understand that it shouldn’t be allowed on main net but it would be very handy for dev and test net.

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Yes manually putting preview domains and its not reflecting immediately

Please see this thread Is it possible to dynamically whitelist subdomains?

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