Cannot init web3auth object: Type 'EthereumPrivateKeyProvider' is missing the following properties from type 'SafeEventEmitterProvider': sendAsync, send, request

I’m following this guide Initialize Core Kit SFA Web SDK | Documentation | Web3Auth.
It says to create an EthereumPrivateKeyProvider and then init web3auth with it. But the web3auth object requires a SafeEventEmitterProvider, which EthereumPrivateKeyProvider is not compatible with. So I can’t run the code - is there a way to get the proper provider?

Please provide the following details too when asking for help in this category:

  • SDK Version:
    @web3auth/base”: “^6.1.1”,
    @web3auth/ethereum-provider”: “^6.1.1”,
    @web3auth/single-factor-auth”: “^6.2.1”,
  • Verifier Details:
    • Verifier Name: testverifier
    • JWKS Endpoint: using Google verifier, how do I get the JWKS Endpoint?
    • Sample idToken(JWT): using Google verifier, how do I get a sample idToken?

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@derek Thanks for your patience.

You can use the provider returned by Web3Auth as web3auth.provider to interact with your blockchain. You can use the Provider SDKs to perform RPC Calls to your blockchain.

For standardising the type of provider, Web3Auth Base provides a SafeEventEmitterProvider from which you can create your own provider.

  • Ethereum Provider gives you the capability of making RPC calls to the EVM compatible blockchains.
  • Solana Provider gives you the capability of making RPC calls to the Solana blockchain.
  • XRPL Provider gives you the capability of making RPC calls to the XRPL blockchain.
  • If you want to use any other chain except Solana or EVM chains, for ex: Starknet, you can specify the value of chainNamespace field as other in the Web3Auth SDK Constructor. Refer to: Using other blockchains

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Hi, I’m having a similar issue while following this guide about Google Social Login. In addition to the issue with EthereumPrivateKeyProvider there’s also problem with OpenloginAdapter not having ‘IAdapter’ properties such as useCoreKitKey, connnected, addChain, enableMFA, switchChain.

hi @k.panas

I hope you are doing great and sorry for the late response. It would be great if you could create a new post sharing with us the SDK you are using, all the versions of the web3auth packages and also some code snippets.

Thanks a lot