Can't create a new verifier

I would like to create a verifier on Testnet with custom auth, I provide a valid endpoint for the JWKS (I’ve just tested it with curl) and it’s taking forever. The name of the verifier is brillion-verifier5. Is it because of the testnet migration that is mentionned in the banner?

Yes, use sapphire_devnet please

I’ve also created one on Sapphire Testnet from two different accounts 12h ago, but none of them is deployed. They’re still “processing”.
brillion-verifier-test-personal1 and brillion-test-sapphire-1.

For the EVM testnet migration, do you know when it will be restored? Is it up/down at most times? I would like the banner to route me to a more detailed description/timeline of the situation.

Also I don’t find any guideline regarding what switching to Sapphire implies.

Any information as to why I can’t create verifiers with custom auth on Sapphire either, from 2 different accounts? It’s been 3 days that I’ve tried to create them, they’re all still “Processing”.

Plus, if you could share any timeline about the Testnet migration I would really love it!


I was able to get verifiers deployed on Sapphire, only when a project exists on Sapphire as well. Eventually even the Sapphire project/verifier didn’t work and I was able to have them work on Aqua.

Not a good developer experience though, no support, users can’t use their web3auth-generated account for days, etc.