Change wagmi connector's loginParams without recreating the connector?

Given a Web3AuthConnector from "@web3auth/web3auth-wagmi-connector" with this instantiation:

const connector = new Web3AuthConnector({
  options: {
    web3AuthInstance, // previously-constructed instance of Web3AuthCore
    loginParams: {
      loginProvider: 'google',

And assuming this connector has already been added to the singleton wagmi.Client

What's the recommended way to switch this connector instance to a new loginProvider, such as facebook or email_passwordless?

Does the Web3AuthConnector need to be recreated (reinstantiated) to change the loginProvider, or can the existing instance (that's already been added to wagmiClient and may be active and connected) have its login provider changed?

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@yashovardhan what’s your response to this question?

I also have the same question and would like to know