Connect external wallet after email/social signup

Hello, if a user signs up through web3auth using their email or social login such as google, they will have a wallet automatically created for them. Is it possible that in the future the same user can replace/update the created wallet with their own external wallet?

@benjamin.groves Web3Auth accounts are scoped to applications (clientId)

If a user sign’s up using Email(Passwordless) or Social Login(Google, Discord, Twitter etc), the address created will be unique and cannot be replaced with their own external wallet. Using an external wallet, will bring up the relevant wallet address from the respective provider used to create it. However, it will not replace/update the other address.

Hey @vjgee thanks for the reply. If I understand correctly, once a user has signed up with email/social, they are tied to the wallet address that has been created for them and cannot opt to use another?

For example if the user becomes more interested in crypto over time and creates their own metamask wallet with the idea of centralising all of their assets, they would not be able to link that metamask to their account on our platform using web3auth. Instead maybe what they would need to do is transfer their assets to their new metamask wallet and then sign up for a new account using metamask directly?


Yes, that is correct, the wallet address will be tied to that email/social login permanently.

If you are going to use your Torus Wallet with your Dapp, then they will be able to import their Metamask wallet into Torus Wallet by fetching their Metamask Private Key. You can refer to the below article:

It is important to note that Web3Auth is not a Wallet, it is Wallet Infrastructure that is plugged into dApps or Wallets. Torus is a wallet that uses Web3Auth.

You can read more about it at

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