Connect with Facebook fails on mobile


I’m trying to connect via the Facebook social provider on iOS (both with Safari and Chrome) with my implementation and the Web3Auth demo app. I’ll use the official demo app to explain how to reproduce.

On the demo app:

  • I keep all default parameters
  • click the “Connect” button
  • click on Facebook icon
  • the Facebook popup opens and I can authorize the connection
  • the loader appears and disappear but the popup stays open (but blank)
  • if I close it an come back to the demo app the modal is open and asks me to choose a provider again
  • if I choose Facebook again it starts the process but fails the same way
  • if I choose another provider (Google for instance) it connects me straight away with my Facebook profile like the Facebook connection was already active but blocked somehow

It works fine on desktop.

How can we fix this?

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  • SDK Version: “@web3auth/modal”: “^5.0.1”
  • Platform: iOS
  • Browser Console Screenshots:
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    • Verifier Name:
    • JWKS Endpoint:
    • Sample idToken(JWT)

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Hi all,

I still have the connection issue with Facebook provider on the demo app. The popup loads and I can connect to Facebook but then it becomes blank and nothing happens. If I refresh the demo app and try to connect via Facebook again, I’m logged in without having to fill my credentials.

I made this short video on Chrome iOS: RPReplay_FinaL_FLOU2_H.264.mp4 - Google Drive.

Can it be related to the fact that I have 2FA setup in my Facebook account and I have to switch to my authenticator app during the login process?

I had similar issue 1 week ago with iOS mobile (v16.1.2) that ended up being stuck in following tab after FB auth. Clicking Continue to app button just reloaded the tab page but did nothing. If I’m correct, EOA was not even allocated to main page.

Now I’m trying to check if it’s fixed but it is stuck before going to FB auth.
Following image never ends.

I’m using

@t.matsumoto Can you please check once again in incognito mode, you would receive an allow popup permission, this would redirect to facebook via openlogin.

It does not work with my iphones in incognito.

Submitting with Mainnet and Testnet does not make any difference…

We’ve identified the issue and are actively working to resolve this.

This is fixed and released in 6.1.6