Create a new device share using a backup share on self-host (tKey)

My user is backing up the share C using serialized module from tKey module.
When the user doesn't have share B (device share), how do I input the back up share so the user can create another device share?

In the code below, the backupSeed is the backup seed prase. We get the backup share using tkeyInstance.modules.shareSerialization.deserialize(backupSeed, "mnemonic");
After the tkeyInstance.inputShare(deserializedShare) call, the number of required share is still "1", so the backup share is not being viewed as a valid share.

const deserializedShare = await tkeyInstance.modules.shareSerialization.deserialize(backupSeed, "mnemonic");
await tkeyInstance.inputShare(deserializedShare);

What is the correct way to input the share from backup?

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