Custom Auth Verifier

I have created Custom Auth verifiers. They are still in processing state. I can’t delete them or update them. Can you help me to fix this? or make them in live state

Hey @deepak.decrypt

To which web3auth network have you created the verifier? If it’s on testnet, please create a new one on cyan.

As the testnet network is deprecated now.
Read more about it here → The testnet verifier/project creation is now halted. Please use the `cyan` network instead!

It was in Testnet. Now I am using cyan network. Its seems to be working sometime but sometime it throws errors and also it is not showing any count on verifier. Anything solution rearding this?

Hi @deepak.decrypt!

Could you kindly share the error logs with us? Additionally, if you were referring to the count displayed on the verifier, please provide us with your client ID and verifier name so we can investigate the issue from our end.
Thank you!

Hi @shahbaz

Sorry I was “Sapphire Devnet”


Client ID : “BCerz_uX1jh2yAR4jysVKXXXqgUvJ6N9MgwRq5B7FW7xjIIJUXHbSZTVs6aNamR26_0nBTh9g4s2XZpZooE16rE”

Verifier Name : “web3-onboard-test-auth-core”

Google Client ID : “

its seems to be working but sometime shows error

“Error occurred while verifying params verifier web3-onboard-test-auth-core not found for account id: 5Do4YYXAGSvZ1thcxuEqgGMq26khBHm8VaVcS8hoW8zed5BW”

Also not showing any wallet count.

When I use cyan



web3AuthNetwork: web3AuthNetwork: WEB3AUTH_NETWORK.MAINNET,

Client ID : “BDpO2GdJkTNlVpNLiXH8_0UIjhrxNFhGSfUFa0pr5rxaTmqhcp5hgbxW7XAqMRHCjWBHBtzsQNpwsrrsxuNn0Ow”

Verifier Name : “we3-auth-core-cyan-test”

Google Client ID : “

Got error

Error occurred while verifying params verifier we3-auth-core-cyan-test not found for account id: 5Do4YYXAGSvZ1thcxuEqgGMq26khBHm8VaVcS8hoW8zed5BW