DApp is running on localhost but not when I deploy my code

web3auth versions →
@web3auth/base”: “^6.1.7”,
@web3auth/modal”: “^6.1.7”,

Failed to connect with openlogin provider TypeError: f(…).createHash is not a function
at E (index.ts:70:16)
at D (index.ts:246:22)
at async $ (webAuthnShareResolver.ts:38:24)
at async W.createSession (openloginSessionManager.ts:44:11)
at async Nn.getLoginId (OpenLogin.ts:257:5)
at async Nn.login (OpenLogin.ts:160:11)
at async $n.connectWithProvider (openloginAdapter.ts:254:55)
at async $n.connect (openloginAdapter.ts:130:7)
at async ib.connectTo (noModal.ts:229:11)
at async qv. (modalManager.ts:301:7)

why am I getting this error ?

@gaurav1 Thanks for reaching out.

Which SDK are you using?
What platform?
What login provider?