dappShare is blank

Hello, I noticed recently that authState.userInfo?.dappShare was returning an empty string, and I see that you need a custom verifier. I have tried two paths, without success:

  1. I created a verifier using auth0 with Authentication Type: Custom
  2. I created an Aggregate Verifier (this one appears to be configured incorrectly, because I continually end up in the Support Chat):

I have followed all documentation, however, I still end up with a blank dappShare

Hey @pat

  • dappShare is only available for custom verifiers and not the standard web3auth verifiers. This is done to ensure that an application only has access to the corresponding share to the private key of their application’s user.
  • Also, the dApp Share is only returned to users who have enabled 2FA to their account.

Let me know if you’re facing issues while creating the verifier.

thank you for the response @shahbaz!

ok, I have a few clarifying questions:

What constitutes a custom verifier?

  • Does a new verifier, with Auth0 as the Provider, and Google as the Authentication Type count?
  • Does the verifier have to use Custom as the Authentication Type (as shown in the image above) to be custom?
  • Does the verifier have to use Custom Login Provider and JWT details to be considered custom?
    I have breakpoints deep inside the authentication flow code and there is a flag called isCustomProvider (or something) that I have seen set to true for the provider shown in the first image above, so I think I’m on the right track, but please correct me if not.

RE: dappShare is only returned with 2FA turned on

  • Really? the documentation led me to believe that by authenticating, a pair of shares were created, one kept on the web3auth side and one delivered to the dapp. Enabling 2FA sent a third to the user. Is that incorrect?
  • The 2FA flow does not work at the moment. You simply cannot get past the email submission form. Please see: Save Recovery Phrase form not submitting (+ UI Suggestions)

@shahbaz just follow up here that 2FA – as far as I can tell – does not work. users simply cannot submit the form to have a share emailed to them. I’m a little worried that my users are creating wallets, we are sending them crypto, and they have no way of recovering their wallet if it were to be lost. ty!

Hey @pat

For now, you can click on the view advanced option and download the phrase, and after that, check whether dApp Share is returned or not.
Meanwhile, let me share the email not being sent issue with the team and get it fixed.

I will check that out shortly and get back to you

Hey @pat

Any update on this? Did you manage to get the dApp Share after enabling the MFA?

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