Does Web3Auth support ERC-4337 yet?

I’ve been looking for information regarding the support of ERC-4337 and paymaster within Web3Auth. Specifically, I’m keen on subsidizing gas fees for my users or providing them the option to pay using ERC-20 tokens.

Another point of curiosity is the compatibility of Web3Auth’s current key architecture, especially regarding MPC, with the ERC-4337 standard.

If Web3Auth doesn’t currently support ERC-4337, do we have an estimated timeline for when this feature might be rolled out?

Thanks in advance for any insights or updates!

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@jirayu.s Welcome Aboard!

We now do support ERC-4337 with Account Abstraction which is new product offering Account Abstraction meets MPC-enabled wallet infrastructure.. You can schedule a demo with our team to get more information on how to use it.

Thank you for the response. Do we have any documentation on setting up a paymaster and covering gas fees for users?

We do not have any documentation as this is still a new product offering. You can schedule a call with our team so they can guide you.

Hi Jirayu, you can use Web3Auth with ZeroDev to enable AA today: Web3Auth | ZeroDev Documentation

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