Environment Mismatch

I have both Testnet and Cyan versions of a Plug and Play project. When deploying my application, I correctly set the network to Cyan and the Verifier to our custom auth verifier on Cyan, but I failed to update the Client ID, using the one associated with Testnet.
Until recently, this setup worked; all wallets (w/private key) have successfully transacted on Mainnet.
A recent change has started blocking login attempts using this combination of settings, with a new error message suggesting the Project was not created for the Cyan network.

This leaves me in a jam. Before I go coding some complex workaround, is there a way that you could update the configuration of my Plug and Play Project to change the Network from Testnet to Cyan? Assuming that is difficult, is it possible to create a new Project with the same Client ID on Cyan? Of course, these solutions only make sense if an existing user would keep the same wallet/private key after the change.

Thank you for your help, and feel free to suggest other paths forward.

Is this till an issue?
if so, please respond with your client id in a DM

afraid so. do you have any suggestions? if any of my original users were to uninstall our app, or otherwise clear their local storage, their private key would be gone and assets unrecoverable.

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