Error with connecting with web3 auth - "wallet connect"

every time i try to connect with the “wallet connect” method, either by scanning the qr code or connecting directly with the app. it fails and i get this error:

@idob Thanks for reaching out.

Ensure your Dapp is upgraded to Web3Auth V6 where WalletConnect V2 is the default.

thank you for the quick response.
i have a couple of versions here, could you please tell me which one youre referring to?
@web3auth/base”: “^5.2.0”,
@web3auth/modal”: “^5.2.0”,
@web3auth/wallet-connect-v2-adapter”: “^6.1.1”,

@idob Please upgrade the walletconnect v2 adapter to the latest version. And I see JSON-Rpc error. Could you please share the web3auth initialisation snippet along with the chain config that you’ve passed.

const defaultWcSettings = await getWalletConnectV2Settings(

new Web3Auth({
clientId, // Get your Client ID from Web3Js Dashboard
web3AuthNetwork: “testnet”,
storageKey: “local”,
uiConfig: {
appLogo: logoPetit,
theme: “dark”,
loginMethodsOrder: [‘google’, ‘facebook’, ‘apple’, ‘linkedin’]
chainConfig: {
chainNamespace: “eip155”,
chainId: 0x13881
rpcTarget: ‘’,

do you have any information about this issue?
were stuck with uploading a new version because of this…

This has been fixed in 6.1.7. Pls upgrade and check