Facing issues with firebase authentication using web3auth, flutter

So when I am trying to integrate web3auth in my flutter application. When I try to log in the dialog box disappears within a second.

When I tried the flutter code in the examples repository, changed the google info.plist, bundle id, client id from web3auth, and verifier name, I get this error
"Cannot initialize TypeOfLogin from invalid String value TypeOfLogin.jwt"

Originally posted by: ritvij14

Check the discussion at: https://github.com/orgs/Web3Auth/discussions/1167

@shahbaz17 for android, I am getting this error on my app(not in flutter firebase example).

W/b3auth_firebase(26043): Accessing hidden method Ljava/lang/invoke/MethodHandles$Lookup;-><init>(Ljava/lang/Class;I)V (unsupported, reflection, allowed)
E/flutter (26043): [ERROR:flutter/runtime/dart_vm_initializer.cc(41)] Unhandled Exception: PlatformException(error, null, null, null)
E/flutter (26043): #0      StandardMethodCodec.decodeEnvelope
E/flutter (26043): #1      MethodChannel._invokeMethod
E/flutter (26043): <asynchronous suspension>
E/flutter (26043): #2      Web3AuthFlutter.init
E/flutter (26043): <asynchronous suspension>
E/flutter (26043): #3      _MyHomePageState.initPlatformState
E/flutter (26043): <asynchronous suspension>
E/flutter (26043):

It says the error is in the flutter package of web3auth in the line where it is calling the method channel function.

Originally posted by: ritvij14