Flutter ios login error in testnet

flutter sdk v 1.3.0

login error happens only in ios testnet.

ios mainnet works fine.
android mainnet, testnet works fine.

please fix this for us

Did you find the solution mate ? I am also having this for some users on mainnet mostly when it is a new user to sign in

not yet
flutter sdk is unstable… so sad

Ah… Bad!
I’m also facing same on React Native SDK for both IOS and Android mainnet and can’t upload to App Store.

Hey @bdkfasd @azazmushtaq

It’s possible that the issue with different SDKs is due to a configuration mismatch. To investigate further and find the root cause of the issue, please provide me with the following information:

  • The name and version of the SDK being used
  • Code snippet of the Web3Auth initialization
  • Code snippet of the Web3Auth login process
  • Details of the Web3Auth verifier, if applicable

Thank you.

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