Generate , split and reconstruct private key Using Tkey ( Web )

Can I get The generate private key and reconstruct private key from this web :
Option 1 Generate Private Key or
P/s : I am working on a project building a account abstraction mobile wallet using Web3Auth ( Tkey ) and Biconomy Sdk<

Hi @funny.khaihoan!
You can do it using the tKey SDK… Here is the documentation on how to use it Introduction | Documentation

Yes, I See the document and Example from GitHub - tkey/tkey-example: Demo app for tkey SDK , But I don’t know how to link and reconstruct the key Share with Google Login … so I want to get the Source Code

Hi @funny.khaihoan, we don’t have a public repo for the website… Please use this as a guide on how to do the generate/reconstruct tkey

Generate private key

  1. Generate privateKey
  2. You can use the generated privateKey as importKey during tkey.initialize({importKey: privateKey})
  3. Next setup other shares


  1. Using the privateKey generated you can initialize tkey again
        importKey: generatedKey
  1. User social factor google to add more share
  2. call tKey.reconstructKey();
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