How to clear the localStorage when session expires?

I am building a DApp that is based on roles . When a user is logged is logged in using web3auth modal , based on his address and the address that is saved in smart contract for a specific role , his UI is rendered . Each user with a different role will see a different UI .
I know that by default web3auth session expiry is set to 86400 seconds ( 1 day ) . I want to clear localStorage of a logged in user when the session has expired . How can I do so ?
Does web3auth provide any method for checking whether a session is valid or it has expired ?

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If the session is valid, the user will be auto-logged in and you get an idtoken back which has the same expiry as the session.
if the session is expired, user will be logged out.
You can add a listener on idtoken expiry if you need an event.

is there any listener method provided by web3auth to check for token expiry ?

You can simply add it yourself…

// use [jwt-decode]( package to get the exp of id token.

setTimeout (() => {
// do something
}, exp)