How to debug failed login attempts

I am not sure if I 'm the only one having these struggles. I have a working implementation of web3auth/react-native with custom-auth pointing to auth0. From time to time, the login fails. But I can't know why, because the error happens at the emulator 's browser. If I go back to the app, the SDK will just signal that the user canceled the login. And the error shown in the browser will just signal something along the lines of "there is a bug"... this is not useful information

I 'd like to have some place where I can check a repository of logs thrown by web3auth, at every stage of the implementation, be it brower, app, whatever. But give me something, please. I think the dashboard could be a good one.

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Check the discussion at:

Still need help with this.

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We're working on better error fallback reporting back to the app. expect updates soon

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