How to get the same EOA across libraries

The allocated EOA on and the one I got on my local webapp built from web3auth-pnp-examples/web-no-modal-sdk/evm/react-evm-no-modal-example at main · Web3Auth/web3auth-pnp-examples · GitHub is different.

I want to get the identical EOA from web3auth libraries with the the one in the dashboard.

What I did
I tweaked on top the repository with useCoreKitKey added but facing the error saying coreKitKey is not available.

How to fix the error? Or if I’m not on the right track to achieve my goal, please advise me.

useEffect(() => {
    const init = async () => {
      try {
        const web3auth = new Web3AuthNoModal({
          chainConfig: {
            chainNamespace: CHAIN_NAMESPACES.EIP155,
            chainId: "0x1",
            rpcTarget: "", // This is the public RPC we have added, please pass on your own endpoint while creating an app
          web3AuthNetwork: "mainnet",
          useCoreKitKey: true, // I added this

        const openloginAdapter = new OpenloginAdapter({
          loginSettings: {
            mfaLevel: "mandatory",
          adapterSettings: {
            clientId, //Optional - Provide only if you haven't provided it in the Web3Auth Instantiation Code
            uxMode: "popup",
            loginConfig: {
              // Google login
              google: {
                verifier: "google", // Please create a verifier on the developer dashboard and pass the name here
                typeOfLogin: "google", // Pass on the login provider of the verifier you've created
                // clientId: "", // Pass on the clientId of the login provider here - Please note this differs from the Web3Auth ClientID. This is the JWT Client ID

        await web3auth.init();
        if (web3auth.provider) {
      } catch (error) {

  }, []);

@t.matsumoto Thanks for your patience.

Your issue has been submitted to our team. We will get back with further updates once more information becomes available.

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