How to use triggerAggregateLogin properly?

hi. I couldn’t find a proper usage for triggerAggregateLogin?
these are all i found:

await (tKey.serviceProvider as TorusServiceProvider).triggerAggregateLogin(AggregateLoginParams)

interface AggregateLoginParams {
  aggregateVerifierType: AGGREGATE_VERIFIER_TYPE;
  verifierIdentifier: string;
  subVerifierDetailsArray: SubVerifierDetails[];

Could you please provide an example about custom login with cognito token and google login?

Hey @irfan

You can refer to this example I have here:

This is using Google and GitHub as aggregate verifiers.

Thank you.
but I can not see the details in verifier (which sub-verifier name i gave).
how to update verifier when i want to add new sub-verifier?
There are update option in previously created verifiers but not in newly created ones.

Hey @irfan

What’s the name of your verifier? Let me look at my end.

Also, we are talking about testnet verifiers, right? Because mainnet verifiers can’t be modified once deployed.

what i need to learn that mainnet verifiers could be updated. I can redeploy for testnet but not for mainet since i dont want prive keys to be changed. so i better setup properly for mainnet.
thank you