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I am unable to reconstruct keys using Tech Home in Firefox and Chrome. The private key was generated using the same service. If I paste a key share, I get “Entered share is not valid: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading ‘pubKey’)” (Chrome) or " Entered share is not valid: t is undefined" (Firefox).
Device share answers with “Error while adding device share”.
Can anyone help please?



I was unable to replicate this behavior at my end and was able to generate & reconstruct the private keys without any issues on Tech Home via Chrome (Version 113.0.5672.127)

Could you check your browser settings for Chrome and Firefox following the guide below?

Try using Incognito mode in Chrome and share your feedback as well.

I tried the settings you mentioned, but they didn’t change the outcome. What did make it work is using the “Pair with your google account” option. It appears the system does not work without the social login. Is that correct @vjgee ? If so, can you please elaborate on the reason for this behavior?

You have to pair each key share with an authentication factor. In this case, all three options are required.

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I misunderstood the value proposition then. I was under the impression that “any two of the three key shares provided in plain text contain enough information to recover the private key”. TIL: “The key shares provided are not everything. In addition to two key shares, the corresponding indexes are also required. And the web3auth demo will only work when using social login, which transfers one share to the torus network and creates a record in the metadata database.”

Thanks for clearing that up, @vjgee !

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