I'm able to use/test my application successfully on the testnet, but I'm facing issues when trying to use it on the mainnet

I’m having an issue where my domain is whitelisted and works with https://verse.audio/version-test I’m able to populate the Web3auth module and successfully on board a user Using my client ID from testnet.

not on mainnet for

I have whitelisted the same domain switched my client ID to mainnet and now Getting this error with a blank web3auth module.

If anybody can help guide me, I would really appreciate it.

Hi @matthewdykema1 ,
Welcome to the Web3Auth community. I would require more information to help you with this issue. Can you please verify if the domain https://verse.audio is whitelisted for Mainnet for the provided ClientID BN9WccJexl-mxmNFG84Hs4iFsMba_AIEVxnoDsFmIy-zAbu0C28zG9RVyj0w9NIQqMyk029ToN8CqAk0EI5qRp4 (the client id in the console) ?

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