Impossible to run VueJS example from official github


I have been trying to run VueJS example from: web3auth-pnp-examples/web-modal-sdk/evm/vue-evm-modal-example at main · Web3Auth/web3auth-pnp-examples · GitHub

But just running it from docs show me in web-ui console the following error:

CommonJRPCProvider.ts:28 Uncaught (in promise) TypeError: (0 , _toruslabs_base_controllers__WEBPACK_IMPORTED_MODULE_2__.providerFromEngine) is not a function
    at CommonJRPCProvider.setupProvider (CommonJRPCProvider.ts:28:40)
    at CommonJRPCProvider.getProviderInstance (CommonJRPCProvider.ts:20:27)
    at Web3Auth.initModal (modalManager.ts:215:37)
    at async Proxy.login (Home.vue:209:7)

Do you have an idea what should I do to get it working ?


Hi @guillaume, we have fixed the vueJs example.

Please try again.


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