In-app browser issues

When users are in an in-app browser (link opened via Instagram) they can’t seem to connect with Google (not authorized client) and email neither (frozen screen).

Hey @lawrence

Could you share some screenshots of this? Also, what are the steps to reproduce?

Here is a video: 2023/04/24 · 19:37

Try it yourself by going to instagram (on mobile).

Hey @lawrence

Thanks for sharing.

So, it opens, where the login happens, I was able to login using my Phone/Mobile Number, and for others, you have to be logged in first to initiate the login without any issue. Let me report this to our team to make this seamless for new users who aren’t already logged in.

Ok thx! Keep me posted

Hi following this last discussion, I got feedback from the client saying their in-app (from Instagram) browser doesn’t allow gmail login. See image below. “The app doesn’t comply with Google security policy”…

@shahbaz Any updates on this? thx

@shahbaz Any updates on this? We are dealing with this problem and we could not find any support as far as I have searched in the forum. Are you working on it? How can we overcome this problem, we can never login from the app browser.

Can you share your code snippets of implementation?

This is Google’s policy to block logins from embedded browsers.

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Hi any updates? thanks!