Initializing Provider in the official DOc

Hello , i have some troubles when i want to sign transaction with web3Auth , i just started whith initializing the providers exactly as mentionned in the official doc : Integrate Web3Auth with the Polygon Blockchain | Documentation | Web3Auth i did the three steps but got error related to the type of web3authProvider variable , also its quite weird that the connect isn’t a promise in the doc !
Any help please ? :slightly_smiling_face:

@nmehalli Welcome Aboard!

Could you share the SDK and Platform you are using. Please provide more context about the exact error you see. Could you also please check if the web3.js module is v1.8.0 and not v4?

i’m usingh it with ethers.js : “ethers”: “^5.7.2”, . Concerning the context it’s exactly the lines that are mentionned in the shared link . At the step of initializing the provider there is difference between the type that it expect and the one passend in yur example .

Ok, I will check back with our Dev team and keep you updated.