iOS deployment - delete account feature

Hi guys!
As Apple Review Team’s requirement, they ask us to implement the delete account feature. Do we have any API to delete Web3Auth account?

Btw, I think removing the link between the Apple/Google account with near wallet also could be accepted. Do we have any APIs that have the same function?

Please reply with the API or any other idea that can pass the review.

Thanks for your help! <3

Hey @alex_ng

Currently, we don’t have any delete function or API. However, I will inform the product team and keep you updated on any developments.

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Great, so If we create accounts you keep the data indifinetly on these nodes? Seems Custodial to me. yet you claim to be non-custodial

Hey Chris,

You can have a look at the our infrastructure documentation to understand how our different products work. For plug and play SDKs, it is not possible to have a delete functionality implemented, unless you have a custom verifier setup. This is because the user gets an account on On, user can setup which dapp they want to give access to and how. They can manually go to the website and delete their keys as well.

If you’re still concerned about the custodiality of our setup, feel free to post particular questions on the parts you want more explaination on, we’ll add more context to it.