Issues with the UserInfo coming from a Facebook Login

The UserInfo object returned from a Facebook login doesn’t contain the email address of the user.
Google, Twitter and Discord return the email, so Facebook should do so too.

Hey @nico

I am able to get the email address in the UserInfo response. Could you try with a different user? It could be a user setting that restricts the sharing of email addresses.

You can try logging in to and see if you still have the same issue.

@nico can you check if your facebook id token (the one which facebook issues and sends to web3auth) contains an email id? If not then the email cannot be returned from our side since we never got it.

The standard facebook login what web3auth provides does contain the email field. For custom authentication you need to check.

This is the scope my app asks for:

And this is the scope of the Web3Auth Demo App:

Where is the reach of the scope defined?

We’re using auth0 for our facebook login. This helps us get email out of the scope directly. You can use that, or any other provider which helps you get it easily without much changes in the codebase.

Other than that, you can get email from facebook by configuring something similar to this.

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