JOSE_ALG_NOT_ALLOWED error on API verify


We are using our API to verify auth and then create users in our database on registration finished.
We follow your guidelines from documentation: link.

Occasionally an error occurs:
"error": {
"name": "JOSEAlgNotAllowed"

Id token and app pub key are supplied every time and we can see that in our logs.

Do you have idea what can be problem that causing this random error ?

Originally posted by: zarnautovic

Check the discussion at:

Hi @zarnautovic

I am assuming the idToken you're getting is from web3auth. In that case, the code described here would allow you to verify the token in your backend.

Please check out from our example repo to see how we have used it in a next.js application.

The version used in the example is "jose": "^4.11.1",. May I know which version are you using?

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