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As much as I know, web3Auth provides the login process in the form of social platforms like facebook, discord, google, twitter, etc and through the magic link that web3Auth provides in the mail to login. But is there any way to sign up and login using the password. Like the normal flow that all the websites provides, enter the username and password for the authentication. Is it possible to achieve this kind of behaviour using web3Auth?

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Check the discussion at: https://github.com/orgs/Web3Auth/discussions/480

You can implement your own, email and password server or use some service. The only thing that web3auth depends on is that OAuth 2.0 id_token compatible jwt token should be issued by the email/password service and then you can feed that token to web3auth sdk.

So steps to implement email password /custom auth will look like this:-

  • Implement your own email/password auth server or use some third-party service.
  • Generate a jwt id_token from that service on user login.
  • Expose a JWKS Endpoint from service.
  • Create a custom verifier with your JWKS Endpoint and JWT token details on https://dashboard.web3auth.io
  • Use this verifier and feed your jwt token in web3auth sdk.

A similar example for custom auth can be found here:- https://github.com/Web3Auth/Web3Auth/tree/master/demo/firebase-react-app

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