Login with openLogin(google & twitter) works fine in localhost but gives me error in vercel (live version)

I implemented the web3Auth in my react application with the guide of custom-ui-react-app.

I created an context file for that and put it in the very top of my app and then used the exported information and login function in my login page.

here is my context in a code file in my github
here is a config file imported in the context file

In localhost it works well but in production in vercel when I click on the login button (login function from context gets called ) after that, in the console it shows connecting for a while then it gives me the error , I toke a picture of it from clicking till the error.

Note : the errors consoled in different area of the context, for example in login itself and in events.

Erorr Image

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Check the discussion at: https://github.com/orgs/Web3Auth/discussions/1201

The error is caused because of not specifying browser versions. Here is the way to troubleshoot the error.

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