Logins aggregation using plug n play modal

Hello, is it possible to aggregate logins provider and still use the plug and play modal? I only found guides to aggregate logins creating custom providers and verifiers. Thanks

@saulgiordani Welcome Aboard!

  • Standard web3auth verifiers are the default verifiers you get for the Web3Auth Plug n Play UI SDK. These are the verifiers associated with OAuth providers which are owned and managed by Web3Auth’s account.

  • Custom verifiers are available if you want to manage your OAuth providers yourself or maybe want to use some proxy providers like firebase, AWS cognito, auth0, etc.

If your objective is to create the same wallet/key for a user regardless of login provider, provided they both use the same email, or there must be a unique identifier between the JWT returned from each provider, for example: email. In such cases, you can aggregate the verifiers and get the same key back.

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