"Mainnet" Network Migration scheduled for 23rd August 2023

As a part of our Transition to Sapphire Network Architecture, the Web3Auth “Mainnet” Network will undergo migration on 23rd August 2023. While we are making every effort to ensure maximum availability of our networks during this transition, please bear in mind that there may be degradation in certain regions.

We are expecting minimal disruption, however, there might be a a downtime for new user onboarding during 2PM to 4PM SGT. Older users can login as usual.

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Please note that the migration is complete and successful. All the mainnet users have been migrated to sapphire mainnet. No changes are needed from the integrating applications, the users will be automatically redirected to the new endpoints.


@yashovardhan not sure if it is related, but we are getting 404 for the jrpc calls made

This issue has been fixed. Please let us know if you’re still facing this.

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On 23.08 we got login down on both Polygon testent and mainnet. On mainnet login for old users started working again, but new users still can`t sign up. Оn testnet both new users and old users cant login. The issue is that method authenticateUser of web3auth instance returns empty tokenId.

ClientID used for testnet is BM6fkszugQMEm0Bzz_Aw3n5jLHXhI6ylxjdFi88oPYoAJXV6dSxCr3DLMDdT9N0cUQNCAg5PQVWtrmrf5LfrEK8
ClientID used for mainnet is BM1oCLkcOWTB_ElHb8Z24KYxTs__sQdI8UyEX6Rdkgd4b3itIMaut3OsVLXZxl8J6UtMD9QmUBP7oit0ytQHFjU

The production website https://web3wed.io/
The dev website is https://w3wed-frontend-git-models-rock-n-block.vercel.app/