Metamask wallet issue (desktop)

  • SDK Version: 6.1.7


When I try to login using my Metamask Wallet, an error occurs (screenshot shown below) only when I have another wallet extension added to my browser. When I remove the other wallet extension and try again, the error goes away and I can login with my Metamask Wallet successfully. This is likely a Metamask Wallet issue.


@richard.lee1 Thanks for reaching out.

Your issue has been forwarded to our team and we will get back with further updates once more information becomes available.

Hi, is there any update on this issue? We helped to test with different users on different browser and encounter the same issue.

Hi @vjgee, do you have any update on this? We have updated to v7 but the issue still exist.

I’ve already flagged this to our team and waiting for a response from them.

hello @richard.lee1, thanks for asking question.
I think this issue is not directly related to web3auth itself, more like collision of wallet providers.
But if you provide us the list of wallet extensions, then we will try reproducing and debugging from our side.

Hi @pepper , thanks for your feedback.

We have this error when using Metamask and Argent X on the same browser.

Hey @kai.nguyen

I just installed Argent X on my browser and tested it on, I was able to log in with MetaMask.

Could you help us with the steps to reproduce this error?

We just tested again on our site, and it works fine. Don’t know what have been changed but it’s ok now. Thanks for your support!

Hey @richard.lee1 @cheryl.kwong

Could you please confirm if the solution also works for you? I’d appreciate your feedback.

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