Migrating to tKey from no-modal

We are using the no-modal sdk with an aggregate verifier running on the cyan network.

We are currently looking into tKey MPC, which ofcourse runs on sapphire.

  1. I understand cyan is to be migrated into sapphire network anyway, is there a way for us to migrate sooner?
  2. Related to the last question - it’s also important for us not to lose user data and wallets, is it possible to migrate from no-modal to tKey MPC retaining the same wallet address for our users?
  3. Is it possible to extract the wallet’s private key at all with tKey MPC?
  4. What’s the latest stable version of tKey MPC? I can see a demo for 8.1.0-alpha.0 but latest version is 10.1.0

@shayg Thanks for your questions.

Your request has been forwarded to our team and we will get back to you with further updates once more information becomes available.