Migrating users from Torus to Web3Auth implementation with Plug&Play

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We have implemented Torus in our WebApp and use it to authenticate users and create wallets for them if they sign in with Socials (Google,Twitter, Email etc.). We would like to upgrade our implementation to Web3Auth so that we can make use of all the cool new functionalities.

However, users who are currently signing into our app with Torus are receiving a specific wallet address created without a clientID. We assume that once we implement Web3Auth, the same users, using the same email address with Google Authentication would create a different wallet address via a Web3Auth implementation due to the clientID. Is there a way to not use the clientID with Web3Auth so that the users receive the same wallet address they have with Torus?

From the user perspective it would otherwise be confusing to come back to our WebApp and now not see their assets in their profile because a new wallet is being generated with Web3Auth than with torus.

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Unfortunately there isnt a way to do so, as enabling this would allow other applications (not just yours) to import and access the same keys

Hi Zhen, thanks for the response.

As far as I understand that is the case for Torus anyway right? So question being, why does a web3auth implementation without a clientID that basically defaults back to being a Torus implementation is not an option?


A Torus integration does not share the user’s key with the application.

you could do this with w3a plug-n-play no modal perhaps?

Thanks for following up on this. Not sure I understand your proposed solution. You mean that the w3a plug-n-play no modal without clientID could create something similar to Torus?

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