Need help in White Labeling

I want to set my website Logo to display when user choose passwordless email login option from modal, I am attaching Screeenshort as well for better clariity.

Thankyou so much really appriciate your prompt response on this matter

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@vrinsoft014 Thanks for your post.

You will not be able change the structure or the email content of the default template.

The only options available for Whitelabel are documented below for the login modal and user flow screens:

However, since you ask, the alternative is to use CoreKit tkey SDK Web3Auth Core Kit tKey JS SDK | Documentation | Web3Auth where you can build and maintain your own UI & UX for login

Some of the features you get with Plug n Play are:

  1. Default Modal UI
  2. Better UX flow,
  3. Easy recovery flows,
  4. MFA setup

But, one advantage of TKey over PnP would be to implement your own email confirmation screen and email templates.

You can look at the differences here Plug and Play vs Core Kit | Documentation | Web3Auth

If you need a higher level of customization with the UI, I would suggest considering our Enterprise Plan.