New pricing destroys my low MAU app

Hello, I wanted to ask to our community if I am the only one who is totally destroy with the new pricing plans.

The problem for me is that the custom auth over jwt is going to be a paid feature regardless the amount of people you have and 69 dollars for only this feature is a lot of money. People already use things like firebase and to have a good integration with firebase you would need to pay for this.

Is someone with the same problem as me ?

I would need to move away from web3auth if this is a final decision.


Hey @alejandro.jaramillo

Thanks for raising the issue. Can I know how many MAUs do you have on your application? We structured our pricing plans according to the statistics we saw in our current developer base. The growth plan is structured in a way that you will be allocated the features at almost no extra cost than what you were paying earlier for the same amount of MAUs.

For 3000 MAUs in the base plan you’re paying $80 however in the growth plan you’re paying $69 with additional features.

Hey! @yashovardhan We are having approx 300-400 MAUs monthly.

I would need to pay for custom login 69 dollars monthly. Or do I understand wrong ?

Unfortunately yes. Custom Authentication is an expensive feature for us since it requires a dedicated smart contract to be deployed and used for your calls. Hence we had to take the decision and gate this feature.

are you willing to give more time to migrate ? 1 April is to little time with the vendor look in I have with you :confused:

I have multiple users with your wallets and the problem is that the people who use my app don’t understand about crypto. So I really need to migrate a lot of people and wallets.

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