OTP Codes not being received by US Numbers

We have tried several phone numbers when testing OPT verification. Numbers from middle east and India are working fine. But, numbers from the US are not, in testing we are not getting OPT codes to US numbers. Here is the console logs of one of our testers who tried to use a US number.

[2023-02-08T15:09:56.755Z] INFO: {"browser":{"name":"Chrome","version":""},"os":{"name":"Linux"},"platform":{"type":"desktop"},"engine":{"name":"Blink"}} current browser info
fetch.ts:36 POST https://o503538.ingest.sentry.io/api/6524334/envelope/?sentry_key=7d794c60725a43418fe5dc89c4fb8f66&sentry_version=7&sentry_client=sentry.javascript.react%2F7.31.1 net::ERR_BLOCKED_BY_CLIENT
n @ fetch.ts:36
(anonymous) @ base.ts:77
add @ promisebuffer.ts:49
f @ base.ts:93
_sendEnvelope @ baseclient.ts:596
sendEvent @ baseclient.ts:319
sendEvent @ client.ts:103
(anonymous) @ baseclient.ts:554
(anonymous) @ syncpromise.ts:79
(anonymous) @ syncpromise.ts:183
(anonymous) @ syncpromise.ts:176
(anonymous) @ syncpromise.ts:97
s @ syncpromise.ts:58
then @ syncpromise.ts:69
_processEvent @ baseclient.ts:522
_captureEvent @ baseclient.ts:448
captureEvent @ baseclient.ts:184
(anonymous) @ hub.ts:241
_withClient @ hub.ts:474
captureEvent @ hub.ts:240
finish @ transaction.ts:219
finish @ idletransaction.ts:162
(anonymous) @ idletransaction.ts:220
i @ helpers.ts:98
setTimeout (async)
(anonymous) @ trycatch.ts:119
_startIdleTimeout @ idletransaction.ts:218
_popActivity @ idletransaction.ts:252
n @ idletransaction.ts:191
(anonymous) @ idletransaction.ts:37
(anonymous) @ request.ts:182
(anonymous) @ request.ts:136
p @ instrument.ts:96
(anonymous) @ instrument.ts:155

Originally posted by: metasoul111

Check the discussion at: https://github.com/orgs/Web3Auth/discussions/1298