Plug n Play on Line login failed (demo)

I’ve been attempting to log in through Line from the demo on the official website, but I’ve encountered a problem where nothing happens when I click on the login button after being redirected to Line’s page. At first, I thought this issue might be exclusive to the demo page, so I decided to build my own Next.js application using the Web3Auth provider from rainbowKit, but the same issue persists.

However, when I log in using Login to another accountmode and enter an email address and password, I am correctly redirected back to the original app.

Is there a solution to this problem?
Is it impossible to use Line in plug n play mode? Do we have no other option but to set up a custom Auth0 verifier?

Hey @synschismo

Thank you for reporting the issue. We are currently investigating it on our end.

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To add that, trying LINE login with mobile in the demo page results in popping up following URL tab but stuck in blank page. It never redirects back to the original page.

Please ignore this if the team is already working on it.

Hey @synschismo @t.matsumoto,

We have successfully resolved this issue, pls verify.

Thanks for pointing this out.

Thank you @archit

I’ve notice that a login button still doesn’t work in the demo page.
Even if hit the login button, the page never change anything.

I appreciate you to continue to fix this issue.

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