Pregenerate wallets linked to emails

Is it possible to pre-generate a wallet synced to an email?

Reason: we want to airdrop an NFR in these wallets before the user has signed up to our platform.

Hey @lawrence

Yes, this is possible with our LookUp API.

Hey @shahbaz
I kind of have the same question, but I’m not sure what you refer too when you said LookUp API.
Torus had such a feature, but it’s not answering the same address as what custom auth in Web3Auth will yield.
Can you point me to some kind of documentation ? I don’t find anything in Web3Auth doc.

Yes, it will be similar to that and will support custom verifiers of Web3Auth.

Right now, it’s not released. Once released, I will document and share it here.

Thanks for your reply. Do you have an ETA on that one ?

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@BodySplash Our Lookup API is live for your request. It allows you to generate a user’s wallet address in advance using their verifierId, which could be their email, Twitter username, discord username, or other identifiers.

You can check it out at the link below: