Prompt MFA screen even though mfaLevel set to "none"


We are using react native package in our expo app and we have set mfaLevel to “none” in login parameters. Though we have not encounter this in multiple users but one of our testnet users was prompted with MFA screen and since then he was using that while login in testing environment.
Our concern is that why MFA screen was prompted even though it was not set from our side while calling login method.

Hope, if this is a bug then it is just within testnet enviornment. We want to make sure that our production users would never face MFA screen while login.

  • SDK Version: 3.5.0
  • Expo or Bare Version: Expo

code snippet

const info = await web3auth.login({
            redirectUrl: Platform.OS === 'ios' ? resolvedRedirectUrl :  resolvedRedirectUrlForAndroid,
            mfaLevel: "none",
            curve: "secp256k1",
            extraLoginOptions: {
              login_hint: provider == LOGIN_PROVIDER.EMAIL_PASSWORDLESS && loginHint
            loginProvider: provider

@keval.shah Thanks for reaching out.

Your concern has been forwarded to our Dev team and we will get back when there is a meaningful update to share.

Could you please updated to the latest SDK version v5?

Ok, will do as well.

Existing users whom have setup MFA will have MFA. Has your colleague setup MFA on a different W3A build?