Questions about applying SFA

Since we don’t use MFA in our project, we want to apply SFA to our project.
(Previously, PNP was used in the development environment)

While applying, We have a few questions.

Is the setting different from what we did in PNP Custom Auth in the Dashboard to use SFA?

The image shown below was the way it was created when using PNP.

If we want to use Google Provider like this, can we add it like the above method?

Please provide the following details too when asking for help in this category:

  • SDK Version: v6.3.0
  • Verifier Details:
    • Verifier Name:
    • JWKS Endpoint:
    • Sample idToken(JWT)

@bjkim Thanks for your recent post.

Your request has been forwarded to our team and we will get back with for the updates once more information becomes available.

Hi @bjkim,

Just to clarify, the setting will be the same. Both PnP and CoreKit (SFA) can utilize the same verifier.

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