Questions for dappShare

I am interested to use the dappShare feature as mentioned on this page: dApp Share | Documentation.

I have some questions:

  • I do use custom verifier but didn’t see the dappShare field in the user info of my log. Is that because the use does not use MFA? If the MFA is used, will dappShare appear?
  • The doc says "The application provides the dApp Share, eliminating the need to store the share in the browser context and enabling users to log in smoothly. "
    Does this mean that upon successful social login, the required share will be <= 0, meaning the pk can be reconstructed w/o looking up from other storages?

Please advise. Thanks.


  1. Yes, only users who have enabled MFA can access dappshare.

  2. Share A is managed by the login service and is provided on successful authentication. Web3Auth issues a dApp Share, i.e., a backup share that will be stored by the app developer directly within their application(instead of the user’s browser) and used to reconstruct the private key after successful login by the user. It still means that backup share will be required from the local storage to reconstruct the Private Key.

How do you reconstruct the pk from the backed-up dappShare?

For example for security-question module, prior to calling tKey.reconstructKey(), you need to do the following:
await (tKey.modules.securityQuestions as SecurityQuestionsModule)
.inputShareFromSecurityQuestions(pkSharePwd); // 2/2 flow

For dappShare, what is the equivalent of inputShareFromXxx function?

Hey @antony.halim

dApp share is a feature of our plug and play SDKs. It will not work in tKey, which is a core kit product.

We have mentioned the utilisation of the dApp share in our plug and play documentation: Using dApp Share in PnP Android SDK | Documentation