Redirected to /authorize using Web3AuthNoModal and JWT login

After doing the web3Auth “generating keypair” screen for my app, the below always redirects me to http://localhost:3000/authorize?state={$MYSTATE}%253D%253D&response_type=token+id_token&client_id={%$MYCLIENTID}&prompt=login&redirect_uri=http%3A%2F%2Flocalhost%3A3000%2F&scope=openid+profile+email&nonce=pceoyhnizd9&verifierIdField=sub

Is there something I’m missing on handling this portion of the redirect? Why is it redirecting to /authorize and is there a handler somewhere for this? I’m using Next. js 13 and Next Auth with a Google Provider to generate id_token

        await web3auth.connectTo(WALLET_ADAPTERS.OPENLOGIN, {
          loginProvider: "jwt",
          redirectUrl: "http://localhost:3000/",
          extraLoginOptions: {
            id_token: session?.user?.id_token,
            verifierIdField: "sub", // same as your JWT Verifier ID
            domain: "http://localhost:3000",
            redirect_uri: "http://localhost:3000/"
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@ajagoe Thanks for your post.

Your issue has been forwarded to our team and we will get back with further updates once more information becomes available.

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Hey @ajagoe, the latest version of the SDK fixed the routing issues with nextJS. Could you please update and check if this is still a problem?

@ajagoe Are you still facing any issue ?

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