Remove web3Auth logo

We have implemented a custom solution in which we have three social auths(namely google, discord and twitter) and three external wallets(namely metamask, coinbase, walletconnect).

The setup works perfectly but we want to change a few things about the setup, namely the appearance of web3Auth logo in the following image-

Also we want to change the site being shown in the account selection screen, example-

Let me know what could be the potential fix for the issues provided.

Thank you.

@shubbham.jain Thanks for your recent post.

Can I understand why you would want to hide this information such as the Web3Auth logo and the Openlogin domain? The intent with the logo and Openlogin redirect makes it clear for your users that login/key management is done by web3auth and the dApp is non-custodial.

However, since you ask, the alternative is to use CoreKit tkey SDK Web3Auth Core Kit tKey JS SDK | Documentation | Web3Auth where you can build and maintain your own UI & UX for login

Some of the features you get with Plug n Play are:

  1. Default Modal UI
  2. Better UX flow,
  3. Easy recovery flows,
  4. MFA setup

But, One advantage of TKey over PnP would be no redirect screen( the screen shown with the logo).

You can look at the differences here Plug and Play vs Core Kit | Documentation | Web3Auth

If you need a higher level of customization with the UI, I would suggest considering our Enterprise Plan.

Hope this answers your questions.