Removed Custom Auth Verifier, Getting error on login

Added a Custom Auth Verifier for Google OAuth to our Team workspace account in the dashboard to see if that would enhance the whitelabel capabilities. I then deleted the OAuth credentials and removed the Custom Verifier from the Web3Auth dashboard.

It seems like Web3Auth is still trying to use my old Verifier instead of the default OpenLogin one

Please provide the following details too when asking for help in this category:

  • SDK Version: 6.1.0

  • Platform: Web

  • Browser Console Screenshots:

  • Related to Custom Authentication? Please provide the following info too: (Optional)

    • Verifier Name: masterfile-dev
    • JWKS Endpoint: n/a
    • Sample idToken(JWT) n/a

Please provide the Web3Auth initialization and login code snippet below:

    const chainConfig = {
      chainNamespace: 'eip155' as const,
      chainId: toHex(chains[0].id),
      rpcTarget: `${chains[0].rpcUrls['alchemy'].http[0]}/${options.alchemyApiKey}`,
      displayName: chains[0].name,
      blockExplorer: chains[0].blockExplorers!.default.url,
      tickerName: chains[0],
      ticker: chains[0].nativeCurrency.symbol,

    const web3Auth = new Web3AuthNoModal({
      clientId: options.clientId,
      web3AuthNetwork: options.web3AuthNetwork,
      chainConfig: chainConfig,
      sessionTime: options.sessionTime,
    const privateKeyProvider = new EthereumPrivateKeyProvider({
      config: { chainConfig },
    const adapter = new OpenloginAdapter({
      adapterSettings: {
        whiteLabel: {
          name: 'Masterfile',
          dark: true,
          theme: { primary: '#7544E0' },
        uxMode: 'popup',
      loginSettings: { mfaLevel: 'none' },


@garrett Welcome Aboard!

Your request has been forwarded to our team and we will get back with further updates once more information becomes available.

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Can you show us the code for your connectTo function for logging in?

import {
} from '@web3auth/base';


      await this.web3Auth.connectTo(WALLET_ADAPTERS.OPENLOGIN, {
          loginProvider: "google"

This is also inside our own custom WAGMI connector but I dont think that should have any effect on things

Any updates on this? Still broken for us

Hey, any updates? Would like to get this fixed ASAP

Please note that you’ll have to be on atleast the Growth plan for customauth. And try changing the client id by creating a new project and see if this issue persists. And I would encourage you to update to the v7 SDK since the end-of-life for v6 is Dec 2023.